Piper Plays 2013 Festival: Smart Plays for Young Actors

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Final Awards Evening – The Judges Have Spoken!

July 9 at 7:30 pm
Runs 60 minutes
at the Old Stone House & Washington Park, Brooklyn, NY

Free and Outdoors
Donations appreciated to benefit Piper Education Program

After an incredible, joyous and hotly contested play festival of 10 original one acts, the judges have chosen the final three:  From Funny by Philip Dawkins, The Best Secret Santa Present Ever in the History of Peckinpaw High School by Ira Gamerman, and The Ultimate Battle for Total Control of the Universe by Rich Orloff.

In June, Piper Theatre and Piper Plays presented 10 new one-act plays that explore the world of youth.  The festival, Smart Plays for Young Actors, was the culmination of a nationwide playwriting contest.  These plays were selected from over 200 entrants  from throughout the United States and Canada.

The festival’s one-acts are smart, dynamic, quirky, exciting, funny, and disturbing. Smart Plays for Young Actors  will present a vital range of theater:  a son asks his father to teach him to be a stand-up comic; two teens scheme to date an out-of-their league classmate;  a boy and girl discover sex as they battle in the backyard for hegemony of the cosmos. Original, poignant, hilarious concerning puberty, dating,  and loss, these plays are portals into the secret world of children, teens, and their parents.

All ten of the festival plays will be published in the anthology Piper Plays:  Smart One-Acts for Young Actors-2103.


About the Plays

Cheeseballs by Jeri Weiss.  Directed by John P. McEneny
Two best friends (and mad texters) scheme to get prom dates, settling on an approach that employs a can of cheese whiz.

Driven to Distraction by Matt Crowley
On the bus ride to the family farm, Tim tries to get his mom to give him back his confiscated video game.

From Funny by Philip Dawkins.  Directed by Kelly Klotz
A recently widowed father helps his approaching bar mitzvah son pursue his interest in stand-up comedy.

The Glass by Michael Johnson.  Directed by Hollie Rosenberg
Two young sisters question the veracity of the local aquarium pirate as they bid farewell to the beluga whale.

Little Gerbil Man by Rachel Ewing.  Directed by Olivia Harris
A son implores his mother to protect his gerbil from the zombie apocalypse.

Message to Grandma by Claudia Haas
Missing his late Grandmother, a boy devises a plan to send her greetings through insects and party favors.

Princess Pegasus by Carrie Behrens.  Directed by Marielle Duke
Mutated by a nuclear waste mishap, a teenage girl sees “the true” through her new third eye.

The Best Secret Santa Present Ever in the History of Peckinpaw High School by Ira Gamerman.  Directed by Marielle Duke
A teen boy plots to get the perfect Secret Santa gift for an “out of his league” classmate with the help of his fed-up with Christmas best friend.

The Ultimate Battle for Total Control of the Universe by Rich Orloff. Directed by Henry Pines
Boy and girl tweens engage in discovery and confession as they battle one another for hegemony of the cosmos.

Vintage Quirk by Robert Stevenson.  Directed by Leigh Poulos
Two teens cheekily vet one another before their blind date.


Carmen Henning, Ilan Eskenazi, Ari Kotler, Naomi Burjuree Van Pelt, Emma Callahan, Manny Garraway, Aidan Ludlam, Indigo Pavlov, Callie Skopelitis, Mateo Moreno, Henry Kiem, Elizabeth Murray, Johnny Weissgerber, Walker Ames, Tabo Ceman, Colman Cassidy, Ella Walsh, Nicholas Schine, Lev Katreczko, Nicole Colina, Matt Petrick, Walker Ames, Oliver Vickers Batzdorf, Izzy Michels, Evan Miller