Piper 2022 Safety

  1. All families are required to complete our Waiver of Liability regarding COVID-19.
  2. Any staff or company members must stay home if they are feeling unwell. Please let the Artistic Director know if a camper or someone in the household is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.
  3. Vaccinations:  Everyone in the Piper community must be vaccinated against COVID-19 and submit proof to our General Manager.  COVID-19 Boosters are strongly encouraged for all eligible individuals.  Families must also submit proof of MMR vaccination for their student to the GM.
  4. PCR Testing is required once just before starting the program and after any travel. For those participating in our four-week musical intensives, we request a second rapid test be submitted mis-session
  5. Masks are currently optional during rehearsal, but strongly encouraged whenever inside due to the close proximity of the performing arts. During rehearsals, masks are required when singing since it’s a higher risk activity.  Extra masks will be available on site.
  6. Attendance will be taken daily to support contact tracing if necessary
  7. Handwashing breaks will be regulated during the day.
  8. Eating and Drinking will be conducted outside on a daily basis.  If weather is inclement, students will sit inside six feet apart while eating.
  9. Weather permitting, windows will be opened periodically to encourage air circulation.
  10. Students attending the field trip must wear a mask while on the subway and in the theater.