An Emerging Artists’ Evening – Prospect Hill

Old Stone House
336 Third Street (betw 4 & 5 Avenues)

With wine & Songs & Talk Back from the Creators, Lily Ali-Oshatz & Mark Galinovsky, of a new Lesbian musical Prospect Hill 7-9pm

Suggested donation $20. Reserve your ticket now

Dee, a recent arrival to present day Park Slope, learns from an older dyke at Ginger’s Bar that Park Slope was once a lesbian haven. Dee becomes interested in the queer history of her new neighborhood and develops a frustration over a lack of lesbian queer spaces in present day New York. Jonie, living in Park Slope at the height of the 90s, struggles with belonging in a rapidly shifting economic and demographic landscape. What does it really take to build and maintain a queer community?

Make Friday the 13th your lucky night and help support this growing group of incredibly talented writers.

Suggested donation $20. Reserve your ticket now

Proceeds from the evening will be used to provide a full orchestra this July for Prospect Hill & Into the Woods.