Piper Theatre Workshop 2019 Two-Week Workshops

Action and adventure! Due to the nature of the program, students are expected to attend EVERY day.

Ages 11–16


9 am to 5 pm
Monday through Friday

$500 nonrefundable deposit due upon registration
Pay the deposit by October 1, 2018 for a 15% discount

Limited financial aid available for all workshops. Apply upon registration. Financial Aid application deadline May 1. Deposit waived pending award decision.




Session 1 July 1 – 12 (closed July 4)

Twelve Angry Girls Ages 11 – 15 – THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL
A comedy by Meredith Hackett

Mindy Hackett is mad–someone stole her very expensive vicuña wool sweater and she’s taking it to student court. Blood will be shed.
Performance July 12 at 8 pm

Tuition $1050 – includes field trip to an off-Broadway show
*UK trip participants receive a 25% discount on Twelve Angry Girls

Session 2 July 15 – 26

Lancelot and the Unicorn Ages 10 – 14 – THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL
Written by Playwright in Residence Rohana Elias-Reyes

Gwynn Gwyrrd has vowed to dress as a unicorn until she can break the evil spell that has been put on her middle school. When MVP Lancelot gets kicked off the school’s baseball team, the Knights, because of anger management issues, he joins the quest.

Something is not right at Logres Middle School. Principal Niniane has gone missing, MVP Lancelot has been kicked off the Knights baseball team right before the all-city championships because he can’t control his temper, and Gwynn Gwyrrd has vowed to dress as unicorn until she can defeat Acting Principal Morgan, break the evil spell that has fallen over the school and bring back Principal Niniane. When Gwynn goes missing while on a quest to find the source of the evil magic at rival school, Dolores Guardia Middle School, Lancelot starts his own quest to save her. Together they take on the Dolores Guardia Middle School Dragons, but things are looking bad – so bad that Lancelot believes Gwynn is dead and vice versa. However, with a little good magic and help from the rest of Logres kids, the Dragons are defeated, the evil Acting Principal Morgan routed and balance restored… for now
Performance July 26 at 7 pm and July 27 1 pm

Tuition $1000

SPECIAL PROJECTS – Piper Technical Intensives have been cancelled.





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