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Note: if you are registering more than one child, please send us an email to alert us: If applying for financial aid, an application will be emailed to you separately upon registration.

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  • Please enter your child's name as you wish it to appear in the playbill.
  • While preferences for workshops are considered, placement in a particular company is NOT guaranteed. STARLINGS: If you select multiple workshops, you will receive a followup email to select the specific combination.
    A link will be emailed to you for scheduling or you may go directly to after completing this registration form.
  • By participating in Piper Theatre’s Programs, you agree to the terms of the Behavior Policy. Piper is committed to ensuring that all participants who attend are provided an atmosphere in which they can learn together free from harassment or intimidation. Fun and safety are only possible when all participants agree to work collaboratively. You and your child are advised to inform any member of the staff about any conduct that is offensive or is in contradiction to our commitment to a harassment-free environment. All participants are expected to show respect for lead teachers, teaching assistants, fellow students, staff, guests and facilities. Disruptive or dangerous behaviors and physical aggression are not acceptable. Our teaching artists are professionals who use sound, positive management tools within their classes. If any participant does not respond to these measures, the participant will be escorted to the office for a time out. If the problem behavior persists, we will communicate with the parents or guardians and the participant may be removed from the program with no refund of program fees.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
    We will use the photo for internal purposes only, such as identification during casting. The photo will not be shared on the website. The photo should be a frontal head shot -- not professional. If you do not have a photo readily available right now, email it to separately.
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  • While participating in activities at Piper, each student is assumed to be voluntarily performing activities for which he/she assumes all risk, consequences and potential liability. I hereby release and hold harmless Piper Theatre Productions and the Old Stone House of Brooklyn and its agent or agents from any and all claims arising or resulting directly or indirectly from participation in Piper Theatre activities. I authorize Piper Theatre Productions to take necessary action in case of emergency if I am unable to be reached. In addition, I authorize Piper Theatre Productions and the Old Stone House to use photographs and/or recorded video in which my child appears in promotional literature, ads, displays or any format representing the program.
    You will be notified in advance of any field trips.
  • Payment Information

    A nonrefundable deposit is due upon registration. Full payment is due May 15, 2017.
    An application will be emailed to you separately. The DEADLINE for applications is May 1, Please submit as early as possible. Deposit is waived pending announcement of financial aid awards.
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Expect a confirmation within three business days.  IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE a response, please contact or call us at 718-768-3195 to verify that your registration went through. Thank you!