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Opportunities for Emerging Artists
Free outdoor summer theater



History of Piper

Piper Theatre Productions is a 501 (c)(3) not for profit theatre company created by siblings, Rachel McEneny and John P. McEneny, in order to offer free and accessible dynamic theatre.  Learn more about Piper's History....


Actors/Artists who have worked with Piper Theatre Productions

Lauren Adler Katz, Anna Aronson, Virginia Avetisian, David Bachman, Kesh Baggan, Tessa Barlow Ochshorn, Todd Bartels,  Jessica Bates, Claudia Berring, Elaine Bianchi, Ezra Barnes ... Full list of actors/artists....


Piper Administration

John P. McEneny, Artistic Director
Kimberly Maier, Executive Producer
Mina Jones, General Manager


Piper Board of Directors

Mickey Heller, Treasurer
Elisabeth Rucell
Rachel Wood, President

John P. McEneny, Artistic Director


Piper Board of Advisors

Cecily O'Neil
Cecelia Rubino
Nigel Williams